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How Do I Register a Player in BLC?

Posted Wednesday, January 13, 2010 by Mike Skiera
Wondering what you have to do to become a member of Brentwood Lacrosse Club (BLC) and how you register your player for the upcoming season ... well wonder no more.  Follow these steps and your will be registered on our site, so you receive our communications, and will be signed up to play this spring.

  1. Register on our website
                                                              i.      Go to our website www.brentwoodlax.com
                                                            ii.      Click on “Register” button
                                                          iii.      Complete information using PLAYERS info first. Be sure to use “player” as the role.
                                                          iv.      Click “Join Now” and you are done
                                                            v.      Within 48 hours you will receive an email response directing you back to the site (record your log in and password) to complete information (i.e. address, phones, etc.)
                                                          vi.      Parents can also register AFTER PLAYER; make sure to register as “Parent” in the role section.
    1. Already a BLC Member
                                                              i.      It’s a good idea to log on to the site and update parent and players information
                                                            ii.      Parents be sure to assign yourself to the correct team to receive email information (4th-6th = Development; 7th = MS JV; 8th = MS Var; 9th & 10th = HS JV; 11th & 12th = HS Var)
  1. Register and pay fees for 2010
    1. Renew or establish a US Lacrosse membership
                                                              i.      Go to US Lacrosse website www.uslacrosse.org; the fee is $25 (Youth = 4th – 8th grade)and $35 (HS players) so you will need a credit card
                                                            ii.      Click on “Membership Info”
                                                          iii.      Click on “Click Here to Apply or Renew Online”
                                                          iv.      Complete information (first name; last name, DOB, etc)
                                                            v.      Current US Lax members can input your US Lax number or look it up on line.
                                                          vi.      Click the box that pertains to you “Current member” or “New member”
                                                        vii.      Accept waiver
                                                      viii.      Complete data requested – Team is “Brentwood Lacrosse Club”
                                                          ix.      Our (BLC) Group ID is = #337565
                                                            x.      Once your registration is complete you will receive Member #, keep this as you will need it for the BLC Registration.
    1. BLC Registration
                                                              i.      Go to BLC website www.brentwoodlax.com
                                                            ii.      Click on “Teams” tab then “Forms”
                                                          iii.      Print off the “2010 BLC Registration Form” – it is in both a Word and PDF format
                                                          iv.      Complete the form – BE SURE TO INCLUED YOUR US LAX MEMBER #
                                                            v.      Sign the form
                                                          vi.      Mail this form and a check ($125 = Development; $150 = 7th & 8th; $415 = HS) to address indicated on the form.
That’s it! Those things will ensure you are registered on our site and receive the emails and register your son to play for the season. All forms and fee MUST BE RECEIVED BY FEBRUARY 12th

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